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Ever wonder how the leaders of the Infocomm industry got where they are today? Watch this space and hear from the luminaries themselves what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what continues to drive them to excel.

Tan Choon Shian

Tan Choon Shian

Chief Executive, Workforce Singapore

Amidst concerns from employers about manpower crunch, mid-career tech professionals are also increasingly finding it a challenge to land suitable jobs. 

I want to encourage tech professionals to stay relevant. Keeping updated on the labour market will give you a sense of where the new jobs are and what the new skills are.





Q: We’ve been reading a lot about “missed matches” in Ministry of Manpower’s reports. What does “missed matches” mean and what is WSG doing to help reduce its occurrence? 


CS: Missed matches are like lost opportunities. The jobseeker has what the employer needs – job skills and soft skills like work attitude, and the employer has what the jobseeker wants – salary, work conditions, growth opportunities. But somehow, the two are unable to connect.





Q: How does job mismatches affect the tech industry?


CS: Mismatches arise when there is a gap between what jobseekers want and what employers are looking for. This gap could arise from different skills, wages and/or job expectations, and the trend of mismatches might increase as the workforce ages. 


Q: What help is WSG providing to minimise mismatches?


CS: To address the problem of skills mismatches, we have Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) to help tech professionals convert from one job to another. Being a fast-moving industry, it is common for employers in the tech industry to not be able to find jobseekers who possess the exact skills they need. 


Kate Lim

Kate Lim

Product Manager, Tinkerbox Solutions


Statistics suggest that an average person will make at least five career switches during his/her working life. And this number is set to increase with the changing economic landscape.

Whether you are a new entrant to the tech industry or a veteran taking on a new scope, it is inevitable to feel uncertain.


Q: What prompted you to join the tech industry?



KL: My interest for all things tech can be traced back to my varsity days. It regularly came up in conversations between my friends and I. Subsequently, when I was working as a flight attendant, I sold things online to supplement my income. That further cemented my affiliation with the tech industry.



Q: Can you share some challenges faced when you first entered the industry?

KL: Unlike the pharmaceutical industry where systems are well entrenched, the tech industry is fast moving. It is not unusual for professionals specialising in one tech stack to not know anything about another stack; so you can imagine that having only gone through two months of basic coding training is barely enough to be proficient.


Q: What kept you going despite these challenges?


KL: There are many things to like about the tech industry, community and, last but not least, my work here at Tinkerbox. Compared to my previous jobs where roles were more defined with less insight to my impact to the company and the society, my current work offers a direct feedback channel that allows me to positively influence end user experience and make a difference. Being able to see that big picture is important; it inspires me to do more and better. 


Thought Leadership

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Lau Yin Cheng

Changing career is always a worrying time. Are we all equipped to cope with today’s votive, uncertain, complex and ambiguous digital environment?


While there is no one answer to the above questions, we can possibly look for solutions by first studying the environment and then searching within ourselves. Chances are, many probabilities and possibilities discovered along the way will translate into valuable opportunities. 



If a lily leaf in a pond doubles itself each day (1, 2, 4...), and the pond is full of leaves on Day 30. The pond is half filled with leaves on Day 29. If the leaf is an opportunity, by the time people realise it on Day 29, they will have only one day to react. The world today is characterised by exponential changes like the growth of a lily leaf. What we see now as mere handful of jobs or assignments or gig will become mainstream sooner than we think. Therefore, sensing early and responding swiftly is key to success in career transition. 



 Career Switch
 Possibilities are Limited
Tan Teng Cheong

We’ve always been told that to achieve success, we must persist – no matter how bad the situation is – because success may be just around the corner.  


Let me pose a question to the mid-career folks who are affected by restructuring or retrenchment: How long should one try to find a job before giving up? Is it after 500 unsuccessful job applications? Or 12 months of fruitless search? 


No one knows. But a sobering fact is: Many of these folks become more and more disillusioned as the situation drags out. Concurrently, prospective employers also increasingly deem them to be unemployable as days go by.


Truth is many of these people possess skills of good economic value. Therefore, it is a waste of talent and resources for them to be out of the workforce at the national level! On the personal level, the loss of regular income also has adverse repercussions on household and personal consumption expenditure – there goes all the talk about economic revitalisation.



 Finding a Job
 Start a Business



Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series

Engage your contemporaries on the newest developments! Listen to industry stalwarts and leading technical experts and get first-hand insights and knowledge of the next trending scene in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry.

How to Foster a Future-ready Workplace

How to Foster a Future-ready Workplace

As Singapore leverages technology to drive our Smart Nation initiatives, there is a continuous need to build a pool of manpower with critical skill sets and domain knowledge to support these initiatives.



ST Electronics’ leading position in innovation hinges on the deep experience and knowledge of our employees whom we value – first as an individual, then as an employee. Recognising the importance of attracting, developing and retaining employees of diversified profiles and skill sets, we make it a point to ensure that every employee is competently equipped with the right skill and knowledge to be personally and professionally fulfilled every time he or she takes on and completes a job. 



Faced with an ageing population, a critical skill shortage for smart city initiatives, a growing demand for new skills as well as an international competition for human capital, ST Electronics has chosen to cast the net wider by seeking out new hires who have the capacity to learn new skills and retrain existing employees who have the potential to take on new roles. Through the design of training programmes which are suitable for the career development and growth requirements of each employee, we encourage and motivate new and existing employees to embrace continuous learning and development throughout their career. 


Beyond equipping employees with the appropriate technical skills and knowledge, we also look to strengthen their other skillsets through numerous creativity and innovation platforms. Some examples include Ideas Generating Platforms, Exploratory Incubation Funding, Community of Good Practices, Technology Open House, Sharing Sessions and Thought Leadership Sessions. 






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Splash Awards 2016 Champions Show Flair in Advancing Cyber Wellness

As more and more Singaporeans look to social media platforms to connect and stay in communication, cyber etiquette becomes increasingly essential for the maintenance of a civil and prosperous cyber space. SCS showed support for the cause with the SCS Splash Awards 2016.

Jointly organised by the SCS Student Chapter and Interactive Digital Media Chapter, the 13th edition of the SCS Splash Awards took on the theme, "Cyber Wellness", and saw participation from close to 300 secondary school and tertiary institution students.


The students learnt the importance of fostering a healthy cyber community through coming out with original ideas which contribute towards the creation of a more responsible cyber community for Singapore. Notably, "SocialShield" from Dunman High impressed the judging panel with their submission and won the top spot for the Pre-tertiary Category while "Keyboard Warriors" from Singapore Institute of Technology bagged the award for the Tertiary Category. Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Education graced the award ceremony.


"SocialShield" from Dunman High was shortlisted for the National Infocomm Competition Face-Off (App Development). In addition, the students also represented Singapore for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) in Taipei.




SCS Student Chapters

NYP win at SCS 2015
Singapore Institute of Technology Splash Award 2016

Featured Projects: Splash Awards 2016 Champion

Tertiary: Keyboard Warriors
Pre-tertiary: Social Shield


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Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work For Unveiled!

Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work For Unveiled!


In the age of widespread digital disruptions, corporate culture can make or break a company. While state- of-the-art workspaces can reinforce the culture of a workplace, it is ultimately the culture that impacts the engagement level of the employees. 


The winners of SCS Best Tech Company to Work For Award have perfected the formula to keeping their people happy and their culture healthy. Their relentless efforts to create a dynamic and thriving community for tech professionals based on five criteria – inspiring people culture, spirit of innovation, financial sustainability, people management and human resource policy – have set them apart from their peers.


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