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Gain Insights from the industry's Best and Brightest

Ever wonder how the leaders of the Infocomm industry got where they are today? Watch this space and hear from the luminaries themselves what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what continues to drive them to excel.

Eddie Chau

Eddie Chau

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, TNF Ventures


Are investment decisions of venture capitalists driven purely by the measure of monetary returns or are there other factors at play? 

Eddie Chau

Eddie Chau, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, TNF Ventures, to understand his motivation for investing in companies as well as things he will look out for when making his investment decisions.


Insider's Perspective : A Serial Technopreneur Speaks Up


Q: How did you end up as an entrepreneur?


EC: I started out pretty much the same way like most people – working for a company – until the idea for e-Cop came about...



Q: What are some attributes that define you as entrepreneur?


EC: Running your own business and being your own boss is nothing like a walk in the park. You are where the buck stops...


Q: Has the entrepreneurship landscape changed over the years?


EC: Definitely. During the time when I started e-Cop (in 2000), the dotcom bubble had just burst, and banks as well as people were generally skeptical about startups...


Adrian Chye

Adrian Chye

Co-Founder & General Manager, Mediafreaks


For many people, starting a business and becoming a boss is like a dream come true. However, few realise that being a boss is hardly the end. It is the beginning.

Adrian Chye

Adrian Chye, Co-Founder and General Manager, Mediafreaks, testifies to that little known fact by sharing with The IT Society about the ups and downs of his entrepreneurship journey over the past 12 years.


Great Things Happen When Preparation Meets Opportunity


Q: Has running your own business always been part of your career plan?


AC: Just like most University students, I figured that I would work for a technology company after graduation. But, as it happens, I attended an entrepreneurship talk organised by the University and was deeply inspired by the speakers. Hearing their experiences, ..."


Q: So was that what got you to start Mediafreaks?


AC: While attending the talk caused the instrumental paradigm shift, it was the six-month graduate diploma I took up in the U.S. – after graduating from NTU – which really set me on the path of entrepreneurship.


Q: After which, was the going all- smooth?


AC: Far from it. In fact, that was where the hard work really began. My partners and I were young and had little (or almost no) work experience behind us; we didn't really know how to sell ourselves effectively.


Thought Leadership

Stay Ahead at the Cutting Edge

Wondering what is the next wave of changes or breakthroughs in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry. Get the first-hand insights and knowledge from leading companies and thought leaders and stay ahead!

 Manik Bhandari

Is data Singapore's next big bet

It seems that there is no such thing as too much information. The amount of data circulating worldwide will balloon to a phenomenal 44 zettabytes by 2020.

To what extent can data - a completely virtual asset - deliver tangible economic opportunities to Singapore?


The Committee on the Future Economy has identified data and its associated digital opportunities as a source of growth for the country


Singapore is characterised by a highly connected national ecosystem, with mobile phone penetration of over 100 per cent and nationwide high-speed Internet coverage.


From a domestic governance standpoint, the use of data can help the public service make smarter decisions to run the country better.



 Virtual Asset
Razer: From Startup to Cult Brand

Razer: From Startup to Cult Brand

How two guys on opposite sides of the planet birthed an industry.

Every business starts with an idea. The success of that business relies on the passion of its exponents. Sometimes the idea is deliberate, thought-out and built from fundamentals into a going concern. Other times, well, there's just something you think should be better, so you take it upon yourself to improve it, and a company happens before you know it. Razer falls into that second category.




In a surprisingly short amount of time, pontifications became discussions, which in turn matriculated to planning and the creation of the world's first gaming mouse. We had no idea how huge an impact the Razer Boomslang mouse would have on gaming, we were just excited for our friends to get their hands on what we'd created.




We spent the next 10 years building our brand. There were ups and downs but we stayed true to our vision of creating cool products that gamers would want, sometimes in defiance of common business sense. Slowly but surely, we began to grow. We hired more staff and built our community together with the gamers out there.




Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series

Engage your contemporaries on the newest developments! Listen to industry stalwarts and leading technical experts and get first-hand insights and knowledge of the next trending scene in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry.

When to implement EA

When to implement Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is an important – and arguably increasingly necessary – endeavour for any organization that wants to stay relevant in today’s fast-changing, ever-competitive landscape. A successful EA program can be a great asset to an organization.

Unfortunately, many companies fail at Enterprise Architecture because they are not ready to implement it. Perhaps they lack the organizational capabilities, the vision or the commitment to successfully implement an effective EA program.


EA Readiness Assessment


Enterprise Architecture readiness assessment is an organizational health check that serves as a useful indicator of issues or areas that need to be looked at before adopting EA.

EA Maturity Assessment


A good approach for Maturity Assessment is to base it on the Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model (ACMM) that was first developed by the US Department of Commerce for conducting their internal EA assessments.


  Past Events

What is EA I Just Learnt Data Science Online Big Data: Love it or Hate it?

Survey & Resources

A Plethora of Resources

Access insightful surveys and analytical reports to better understand the local ICT landscape.

SCS Industry Certifications ‘Made in Singapore'

Looking to acquire knowledge in a particular IT domain? Or keen to sharpen your skills in a specific area? Today, you are spoilt for choice in the number of programmes available. Question is, how do you decide when confronted with so many alternatives?

In late 1990s, Singapore experienced rapid growth in IT project management – many multinational corporations used Singapore as the base to grow their businesses; concurrently large local enterprises and government agencies embarked on numerous IT projects. The resultant shortage of qualified IT project managers led both private and public organisations to employ experienced and qualified IT project managers from overseas to meet their needs.



In a period where employers were unsure about the basics or guidelines to judge the quality of one IT project manager versus another and IT professionals were finding it hard to justify their competency, SCS introduced the Certification in IT Project Management (CITPM) programme.



Beyond being instrumental in bringing up the overall quality of local IT professionals, these certification programmes also empower your long- term professional development.



Although SCS certification programmes have been successful so far, SCS constantly reviews the certification programmes' Body of Knowledge.




SCS New Media Survey 2016


Industry Surveys

Industry News

Are we learning enough new skill Infocomm Media 20125


Talent Showcase

Driving the brightest ideas in town

Looking for a marketplace spotlighting the best student IT projects and potential networks to link up with investors? Here could be the next virtual Silicon Valley transforming breakthrough ideas into useful products or services.

Time to get your innovation engine started!

Splash Awards 2016 Champions Show Flair in Advancing Cyber Wellness

As more and more Singaporeans look to social media platforms to connect and stay in communication, cyber etiquette becomes increasingly essential for the maintenance of a civil and prosperous cyber space. SCS showed support for the cause with the SCS Splash Awards 2016.

Jointly organised by the SCS Student Chapter and Interactive Digital Media Chapter, the 13th edition of the SCS Splash Awards took on the theme, "Cyber Wellness", and saw participation from close to 300 secondary school and tertiary institution students.


The students learnt the importance of fostering a healthy cyber community through coming out with original ideas which contribute towards the creation of a more responsible cyber community for Singapore. Notably, "SocialShield" from Dunman High impressed the judging panel with their submission and won the top spot for the Pre-tertiary Category while "Keyboard Warriors" from Singapore Institute of Technology bagged the award for the Tertiary Category. Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Education graced the award ceremony.


"SocialShield" from Dunman High was shortlisted for the National Infocomm Competition Face-Off (App Development). In addition, the students also represented Singapore for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) in Taipei.




SCS Student Chapters

NYP win at SCS 2015
Singapore Institute of Technology Splash Award 2016

Featured Projects: Splash Awards 2016 Champion

Tertiary: Keyboard Warriors
Pre-tertiary: Social Shield


IT Professionals at Work and Play

Missed an event? View the highlights of the events here and be sure to join us at the next upcoming event!

Discover your True North with SCS Career Compass

Discover your True North with SCS Career Compass


Over 110 Senior and Fellow SCS members stepped forward as ICT Mentors to guide the way forward amidst uncertainties

Against the backdrop of ongoing economic transformation, SCS introduced the SCS Career Compass – an initiative under the SCS TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) Programme – in collaboration with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), Workforce Singapore (WSG), National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and Institute of Employment and Employability (e2i) on 21 October to help members and tech professionals cope with immediate needs and prepare for the new economic environment ahead.



Past Events

SCS Gala Dinner 2017


Tech3 Forum 2016


SCS Gala Dinner 2016


SCS Golf Day



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