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Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series
Engage your contemporaries on the newest developments! Listen to industry stalwarts and leading technical experts and get first-hand insights and knowledge of the next trending scene in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry.

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When Machines Hire Man

Your Next Teammate Could be an AI!

Everyone is talking about artificiaI intelligence (AI) these days. As much as it holds the promise to be the next big thing, many people are just as skeptical about its perceived power to truly improve our lives.


For me, after my first real encounter with AI a few months ago, my curiosity is piqued to learn more about it.



Following a telephone discussion with Adam Low, Chairman of e-commerce company Y Ventures, I sent an email to request for a follow up meeting on 5 May at 3pm. Adam replied, “Evie, arrange for meeting in of ce at 3pm.” I thought Adam had requested for his Personal Assistant (PA) to schedule the meeting with me. Nothing unusual. Within minutes, an email from Evie con rmed the meeting. Something struck me about Evie’s email address. Adam’s PA was an AI software!



In another business setting, I had the opportunity to witness how analysts are making use of AI support tools to analyse threats at a Cyber Security Operations Centre.



With the advancement and widespread deployment of AI-based intelligent systems, it is inevitable for job scopes across every industry sector to undergo transformation. “The next generation of IT professionals cannot not be satis ed merely working alongside AI,” said Professor Steven Miller, Vice Provost (Research) at Singapore Management University.







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