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Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series
Engage your contemporaries on the newest developments! Listen to industry stalwarts and leading technical experts and get first-hand insights and knowledge of the next trending scene in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry.

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Vladyslav Koshelyev

Search for Your Business Empire in Your Pocket

Can’t get the new tune in your head out of your mind? Write and publish your own song right away! Or how about starting your writing career when you next commute to work on the MRT? Now you can do the above and more with – your mobile phone.


Anyone who has lived through the digital revolution is probably used to computers getting more powerful every year. Today, we manage companies, create movies, write symphonies and even control spacecraft using nothing but software applications. Parallel to this development is the constant miniaturisation of technology. Computers have moved from occupying entire rooms to standing on our desks, then sitting on our laps. And the latest? We can now t some of the world’s most powerful machines in our pockets.



Granted, people have been using smartphones for quite some time. However, 2018 is the year when smartphone CPUs match, or even exceed, the processing speed of laptops for the rst time. Till recently, we used laptops to undertake most business tasks – marketing, data analysis, engineering, programming, etc. But with smartphones possessing the same level of raw power, access to information technology has become dramatically democratised.



Powerful processors, ready access to virtually any information in the world and industry-standard software are transforming mobile phones into dream machines which can bring ideas to reality almost instantly.



Everyone of us potentially has a business empire in our pockets. It is entirely possible to design a product, source its production, create visuals, place advertisements, sell to consumers and process payments with a smartphone. Singapore, with her high mobile penetration and excellent connectivity, is well placed to lead the creativity and entrepreneurship explosion this new trend brings. The rst mobile-only companies are here, and you can be a creator too.







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