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Lau Yin Cheng

Changing career is always a worrying time. Are we all equipped to cope with today’s votive, uncertain, complex and ambiguous digital environment?


While there is no one answer to the above questions, we can possibly look for solutions by first studying the environment and then searching within ourselves. Chances are, many probabilities and possibilities discovered along the way will translate into valuable opportunities. 



If a lily leaf in a pond doubles itself each day (1, 2, 4...), and the pond is full of leaves on Day 30. The pond is half filled with leaves on Day 29. If the leaf is an opportunity, by the time people realise it on Day 29, they will have only one day to react. The world today is characterised by exponential changes like the growth of a lily leaf. What we see now as mere handful of jobs or assignments or gig will become mainstream sooner than we think. Therefore, sensing early and responding swiftly is key to success in career transition. 



 Career Switch
 Possibilities are Limited
Tan Teng Cheong

We’ve always been told that to achieve success, we must persist – no matter how bad the situation is – because success may be just around the corner. 


Let me pose a question to the mid-career folks who are affected by restructuring or retrenchment: How long should one try to find a job before giving up? Is it after 500 unsuccessful job applications? Or 12 months of fruitless search? 


No one knows. But a sobering fact is: Many of these folks become more and more disillusioned as the situation drags out. Concurrently, prospective employers also increasingly deem them to be unemployable as days go by.


Truth is many of these people possess skills of good economic value. Therefore, it is a waste of talent and resources for them to be out of the workforce at the national level! On the personal level, the loss of regular income also has adverse repercussions on household and personal consumption expenditure – there goes all the talk about economic revitalisation.



 Finding a Job
 Start a Business


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