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A plethora of opportunities, enabled by technology, couples with our strong focus on products and recent launches of new trade services to strengthen our growth trajectory. We are quietly confident about our future.



With trade volumes being three times more than the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), revolutionising the way trade documents were processed held promise of great returns. Hence, it naturally became an area of focus for CrimsonLogic.




Recognising that availability and accessibility to easy-to-use and affordable technology will change the way we interact, consume information and do business, CrimsonLogic has adopted a products and services strategy to accelerate our impact and ability to scale.


The product strategy aims to translate our deep domain experience in trade, judiciary and digital governments into replicable solutions. Currently into the second phase of development for most of our products, we are staying on track to roll out solutions in an expeditious manner.




It would have been hard to predict CrimsonLogic’s growth potential in 1988. But 30 years on, CrimsonLogic continues to grow from strength to strength. With registered entities in 19 countries worldwide and award-winning solutions in three primary domains – Trade, Judiciary and Digital Government Services (Government-to-Business and Government-to-Citizen), CrimsonLogic is going through an exciting time now.



 Product Strategy
 Global eTrade Services

Leveraging the right technology offers supply chain companies the chance to significantly improve their operations.



Seeing possibilities, YCH Group, Asia Pacific’s leading integrated end- to-end supply chain management partner, branched out its IT arm in 1981 to form Y3 Technologies. Today, Y3 continues to grow from strength to strength with the provision of software solutions to companies to ensure that their supply chains are run optimally and competitively.


During early days in the business, Y3 saw value chain visibility as a critical area in modern supply chain management. Visibility helps businesses in various ways, such as to gain insights into operations, identify bottlenecks, make quick and accurate decisions, avoid risks and effectively manage unexpected incidents. However, Y3 recognises that the value of visibility goes beyond that as these data collected can be used to empower insight-driven decision making.


This realisation prompted Y3 to research and develop supply chain analytics software that can not only make sense of available data but also be used as a powerful business tool in formulating strategies to drive improvements and attain sustainable competitive advantage.



Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving world, needs and expectations are also changing continuously. To stay ahead, businesses have to embrace change and be ready to seize arising lucrative opportunities. These trends lead to an increasing demand for utilising analytics to drive improvement in supply chain performance as well as positive transformation.


With the goal of helping companies cope with present-day challenges, Y3 taps on its experience in supply chain analytics to offer insights on the entire value chain – people, processes, assets – to facilitate quicker decisions for global supply chain management. One example is the order and inventory optimisation solution, which helps businesses to optimise inventory management by fulfilling the right stocks for orders across countries.


 Supply Chain Solution
 Innovative Solutions


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