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TecHour: Recruiting Technical Talent

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Do you have problem recruiting technical talent for your startup? “Should I even consider outsourcing it to another country because of financial affordability?”


On our 10th April TecHour, we had an investor and entrepreneur that may shed some light on this topic.


We had Frank Lee who shared with us his experience in outsourcing and managing outsourced software development projects. Frank is a Partner at TNF Ventures and Founder of Tech JDI. He has led investment into 20 portfolio companies. He is responsible for all operations of TNF Ventures including deal sourcing, deal administration, portfolio support, portfolio fundraising, incubation space administration, company internal administration. In Tech FDI he helps tech companies grow their 2nd tech teams in Vietnam.


We also had Eryi Toh, co-founder of Pytheas who shared with us their experiences in starting a development team in Myanmar. Eryi is the founder of Pytheas, a travel technology company that builds systems that connect travelers, retailers, operators, and distribution systems. He is a graduate from NTU Computer Engineering course. He is the lead developer behind the anti-piracy and intellectual property rights management tool PHPCipher. His experience in implementing and designing information systems has to Pytheas's solution called TravelCloud. TravelCloud empowers the online businesses of over 100 travel agencies.


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