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TecHour: AR and VR Space by TK Ng

Click here to watch the recorded event.


To kick of our new series, we have TK Ng, Founder and CEO of Sidefx Studios, he shared with us his experience as an entrepreneur in the animation and special effects and recently in the AR/VR space.


For the past two years, IMDA, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) and Sidefx Studios have partnered to introduce VR in clinical training. The technology is being developed with medical professionals at TTSH and have yet to be implemented formally.


Users will put on a VR headset that will recreate a clinical environment, such as an emergency room with a patient on a bed. They can use a controller to pick up tools or view the patient's medical records. Surgical procedures via VR can be done in a team or individual setting.

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