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SCS Industry Certifications-Made in Singapore


Looking to acquire knowledge in a particular IT domain? Or keen to sharpen your skills in a specific area? Today, you are spoilt for choice in the number of programmes available. Question is, how do you decide when confronted with so many alternatives?


In late 1990s, Singapore experienced rapid growth in IT project management – many multinational corporations used Singapore as the base to grow their businesses; concurrently large local enterprises and government agencies embarked on numerous IT projects. The resultant shortage of qualified IT project managers led both private and public organisations to employ experienced and qualified IT project managers from overseas to meet their needs.




In a period where employers were unsure about the basics or guidelines to judge the quality of one IT project manager versus another and IT professionals were finding it hard to justify their competency, SCS introduced the Certification in IT Project Management (CITPM) programme. Fully developed by a team of local IT professionals who researched trends of the local IT industry and needs of local employers, CITPM is the first “Made In Singapore” IT certification programme for the local IT professionals. Under the same premise of individual skills upgrading and common benchmarking for organisations, other certification programmes such as Certification in Outsourcing Manager for IT (COMIT), Certification in IT Business Continuity Manager (CITBCM) were subsequently launched.




Beyond being instrumental in bringing up the overall quality of local IT professionals, these certification programmes also empower your long- term professional development. SCS certification programmes require you to continuously practise your skills in order to get recertified every five years – unlike many other certifications on the market where candidates are certified after passing the examinations.


SCS certification process ensures that your knowledge is always up-to-date, and you maintain a high standard of competency. On a professional level, the process is also consistent with the increasing emphasis private as well

as public sectors place on relevant specialised certification. Your continuous professional development is enabled with an SCS certification.




Although SCS certification programmes have been successful so far, SCS constantly reviews the certification programmes’ Body of Knowledge, which specifies the scope and skill sets required for each certification, to ensure their relevance to your growth and needs of the changing industry. This progressive approach underpins SCS’ mission to add value to your career and personal development – bringing about sustainable advancement of the IT community at large.





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