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Possibilities are Limited Only by Your Imagination


Interest in Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining traction. And not just among the tech community. Many people and businesses are equally excited about the potential IoT can bring to their personal and business productivity. 


Indeed, apart from enabling increased visibility and capability over current methods, IoT has the power to transform work processes and create new business value like never before. No wonder so many businesses look to leverage IoT as THE solution to higher return on investment. But, is IoT truly the answer to increasing productivity and profitability? We think it may well be. 



Very often, challenges confronting today’s business can be traced to the adequacy and efficiency of resources. This translates into the deployment of more resources in a traditional business context. With IoT, however, problems are first distilled down to the vital few things that can be automated while retaining the key process. Targeted solutions are then developed accordingly.


The implication of this is huge for business productivity. Beyond taking on mundane tasks that neither add significant business value nor inspire employee motivation, machines are known to be more consistent performers than humans. Not only are they unlikely to be demotivated, the only time turnover happens is when the system is faulty or when a system upgrade is in order. 



While it is evident that there is everything to gain with the adoption of IoT solutions, there seems to be less enthusiasm when it comes to IoT implementation because of the perceived risks of the unknown. Doubts such as “is technology really reliable” and “surely the humans can do a better job than the machines” continue to be the main psychological hurdles for many in the management. Employees likewise resist IoT, fearing that the machines will replace them. 


Truth is, there is everything to love about IoT systems – both for the management and the employees. For the former, they improve their team’s productivity and enjoy a more motivated workforce; for the latter, they can now spend more time dealing with root causes, listening to customers and building better customer relationships. A positive and driven environment results amidst higher productivity and improved return on investments. 



A reality check tells us that IoT delivers the best value when IoT system developers work hand-in-hand with the users to establish an in-depth understanding of
the various domain areas and how they function. No two companies are the same – even when they are in the same industry or competing for the same business – because processes are typically unique. That is why IoT developers need domain knowledge to specifically tailor the technology to the tasks at hand and devise solutions that effectively address the needs and requirements of the users. 


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