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Moving your IT Career forward with Lithan Hall Academy’s NICF courses

The Singapore government is committed to grow the infocomm sector, to use infocomm technologies to enhance competitiveness, and to build a well-connected society. In order to achieve these, manpower development courses s are focused on developing infocomm competencies in key economic sectors, developing globally competitive infocomm professionals, and attracting, developing and retaining infocomm talent.


One of the keys to developing infocomm competencies in key economic sectors is through the development of “T”-shaped professionals.  “T”-shaped professionals possess both technical as well as business domain knowledge of their business sector. Singapore, with its healthy mix of big multinational corporations from all over the world, espousing industry best practices, provides the perfect environment for the development of this kind of professionals.


The National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) is part of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system and it was developed as a joint effort by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and strategic stakeholders in the Infocomm industry.

The NICF articulates the competency requirements of key infocomm professionals as a manpower planning tool that details the competency requirements of key infocomm job roles and assists in the skill development and career progression of infocomm professionals.


Moving your IT Career forward with Lithan Hall Academy’s NICF courses


Lithan Hall Academy supports the NICF and is one of the major CET centres of WDA, within the Infocomm sector. As a provider of cooperative education courses, Lithan Hall Academy delivers competency-based education that is aligned to the NICF. Over the past 18 months, over 1,000 students have undergone NICF courses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, Systems Management, Technopreneurship, and Infocomm Sales and Marketing at Lithan Hall Academy.


Mr. Alfred EuMr. Alfred Eu started his career in the IT industry but decided to leave the profession for several years to be a chef. However, Alfred’s passion for IT remained so he took the Professional Diploma in ERP [also known as NICF – Diploma in Software and Application (Requirements Gathering and Process Redesign) ]course at Lithan Hall Academy in order to go back to work in the IT industry, specifically the ERP domain. He thought that by upgrading his IT knowledge and skills, he will have a good chance of returning to industry.



The course gave Alfred the knowledge and skills in ERP that eventually, with Lithan Hall Academy’s assistance and guidance, he was hired at Blue Ocean Systems almost on the spot! Alfred’s work at Blue Ocean allows him to use everything he has learned to add value to his employer.


Mr. Jan DonyandaMr. Jan Donyanda was a fresh graduate, who had yet to decide on which particular career to take, till he learned about the Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship (also known as NICF – Diploma in Infocomm Sales and Marketing) course from Lithan Hall Academy. Through this course, Lithan Hall placed him into an innovative startup company, called Sypher Labs. Mr Jan works and gains relevant mentoring during the day while undergoes formal classroom training in the evening.


Jan appreciates the fact that the course allowed him to gain relevant competencies to develop a technology company. All the way from creating new business ideas, to learning to manage business operations and finances, and selling and marketing technology products. He believes that the combination of placement into a tech startup, opportunity to network with like-minded peers to share ideas, and learning from experienced lecturers, who shares real life applications of what is learnt in class, is really the right way to learn technopreneurship and apply his skills and knowledge to help his company to develop and grow.


The experience of Lithan Hall Academy’s students is testament to the usefulness of the NICF as a measure of industry qualifications to assume particular IT job roles.


Employers nowadays are looking for IT professionals, who know more than the technical aspects of their job. They use the NICF as a guide for manpower planning, training and professional development courses and as a guide for HR to assess their organisation's manpower standards against national and international standards.


For IT professionals interested to learn more about how they can also upgrade their skills and learn advanced skills in ERP, Business Intelligence, Systems Management, Technopreneurship, and Infocomm Sales and Marketing, you may contact Lithan Hall Academy at


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