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If You Can’t Find a Job, Start a Revolution!


We’ve always been told that to achieve success, we must persist – no matter how bad the situation is – because success may be just around the corner. What’s not obvious from this advice is that not giving up doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again (and expecting a different result). 



Let me pose a question to the mid-career folks who are affected by restructuring or retrenchment: How long should one try to find a job before giving up? Is it after 500 unsuccessful job applications? Or 12 months of fruitless search? 


No one knows. But a sobering fact is: Many of these folks become more and more disillusioned as the situation drags out. Concurrently, prospective employers also increasingly deem them to be unemployable as days go by.


Truth is many of these people possess skills of good economic value. Therefore, it is a waste of talent and resources for them to be out of the workforce at the national level! On the personal level, the loss of regular income also has adverse repercussions on household and personal consumption expenditure – there goes all the talk about economic revitalisation.


Yet there is hope.


I’ve seen folks in transition successfully mitigate and circumvent this situation by making revolutionary moves. And you can do the same too! 



If the above sounds too overwhelming or that you’ll like someone to walk the journey together with you, explore finding a “Platform Company” that is willing to host you and help you through Steps 1 to 5. 


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