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How to Foster a Future-ready Workplace


As Singapore leverages technology to drive our Smart Nation initiatives, there is a continuous need to build a pool of manpower with critical skill sets and domain knowledge to support these initiatives. ST Electronics, a leading info-communication technology (ICT) solutions provider in Asia with over 40 years of experience driving innovation in Intelligent Transportation, Satellite Communications and ICT, actively puts in place a series of holistic workplace practices to ensure that we have the right mix of human capital required to thrive in today’s digital economy. Here, we share some of our best practices: 



ST Electronics’ leading position in innovation hinges on the deep experience and knowledge of our employees whom we value – first as an individual, then as an employee. Recognising the importance of attracting, developing and retaining employees of diversified profiles and skill sets, we make it a point to ensure that every employee is competently equipped with the right skill and knowledge to be personally and professionally fulfilled every time he or she takes on and completes a job. 



Faced with an ageing population, a critical skill shortage for smart city initiatives, a growing demand for new skills as well as an international competition for human capital, ST Electronics has chosen to cast the net wider by seeking out new hires who have the capacity to learn new skills and retrain existing employees who have the potential to take on new roles. Through the design of training programmes which are suitable for the career development and growth requirements of each employee, we encourage and motivate new and existing employees to embrace continuous learning and development throughout their career. 


Beyond equipping employees with the appropriate technical skills and knowledge, we also look to strengthen their other skillsets through numerous creativity and innovation platforms. Some examples include Ideas Generating Platforms, Exploratory Incubation Funding, Community of Good Practices, Technology Open House, Sharing Sessions and Thought Leadership Sessions. 



In line with increasing demand for teamwork and collaborations, we have developed and conducted a series of in-house workshops titled “Awareness and Soft Skills for Effective Team (ASSET) Management”, where members of our management team personally share their work experiences and advise on useful soft skills for more effective team dynamics. 



As a leading ICT technology solutions provider, our employees are constantly creating and developing new and innovative Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that make significant differences to people’s lives. These include seamless mobility solutions to enhance travelling experiences, integrated safety and security to ensure peace of mind, as well as smart connectivity that fosters a deeper sense of community engagement and empowerment for residents and communities. At ST Electronics, we make sure our employees not only see how their roles build towards the end results, but also the positive difference they make to our present and future generations. 


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