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TecHour: Startup Noggin by Hazman Aziz

Click here to watch the recorded video.


This week we had Hazman Aziz shared with us his startup Noggin. He is the digital marketing manager with Noggin Pte Ltd. Noggin is the world's first personal data exchange, blazing this trail through their pioneering mobile apps of Podsense and Podket. Noggin’s vision is the world where every individual is empowered to monetize and manage his/her own personal data and privacy. Their mission is to be the default marketplace where any individual could collect and use their enriched data for personalized value/benefits, and where sellers could obtain truly insightful consumer behaviour related information; all with the protection of personal privacy.
 Hazman shared about Podsense with us.  Podsense is a simple Tinder-style swipe action to indicate your interest and tap to view the Benefit Cards, and one more tap to get connected with the Merchant to close the deal. It will auto populate the pod with the user data from Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile devices, etc to build an insightful data for research survey
Hazman has more than 10 years in implementing new media technologies, including promoting digital advocacy, outreach, marketing and account development in the online information industry. In addition, he has built knowledge in product management and sales support in digital information industry in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. When he has time, he likes to explore growth hacking projects for the community to embrace and adopt new products and services as part of their lifestyle.


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Kong Soon Chak
Thanks Hazman for speaking at today's event
Posted on 9/6/17 12:33 PM.

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