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Collaboration in Workspace of the Future

Kenneth Chong

Product Specialist

Unified Communications & Collaboration Technologies

Cisco Singapore



"Collaboration in Workspace of the Future" 


The world is constantly evolving; what we know today is very different from what it was 10 years ago. “Green” technologies are finally taking hold, beginning with the introduction of hybrid cars for consumers and extending into the business world, as companies examine their carbon footprints.

Traditional phones are no longer the primary communications medium, and are being replaced by cell phones, PCs, SMS and social networks like FaceBook. The Millenial generations that will become tomorrow’s business leaders don’t own records, CDs or even DVDs. Their world is wireless, virtual and mobile.

User-generated content is growing in popularity through companies like YouTube, and traditional television programming can be watched at the user’s convenience on an MP3 players, PC or even a cell phone.

In the past, the Service Provider and Enterprise IT departments drove the development and adoption of technology.  Now, consumers are the driving force, with a seemingly insatiable demand for innovative new services and immediate gratification.  They want access anytime, anywhere, through any device, and they want it personalized. And often, to get it that way, they create content themselves.

The users of technology have more power than they have ever had before.  At the heart of all this change is the network.  It is invisible, virtual and all-enabling.

In the presentation of Collaboration in Workspace of the Future, we will take you through how enterprise empowers the workforce to communicate anywhere, anytime, any device.  The theme will be centered around key collaboration architecture strategies of Video, Virtual, Social and Mobile.


About Mr Kenneth Chong


With more than 12 years of experience in Unified Communications, Contact Center and Collaboration Technologies, Kenneth is well-versed in consultancy, integration, deployment and enabling end-user adoption of end-to-end enterprise voice and video communications and contact center solutions across Asia Pacific.  With his knowledge and experience with the business operations required for an integrated communications practice, Kenneth has also worked closely with business process organizations such as outsourced contact centers in delivering top-notch services to their customers and end-users.



In his current role, Kenneth plays a pivotal role in Cisco’s Asia Collaboration Business Unit, by leading and ensuring alignment and execution of the Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy in Singapore.  Through the collaborative teamwork with the sales teams, Kenneth is also instrumental in deepening the engagement with the key customer accounts, in the targeted segments of FSI, Industrials, Public Sector and Service Providers, with his insights and understanding of enterprise communications trends, developments and deployment for optimal customer user experience.  The portfolio of solutions that Kenneth is responsible for encompasses IP Telephony, Contact Center, Telepresence and Enterprise Social collaboration.

Prior to joining Cisco, Kenneth led and managed the Asia Pacific and Singapore sales team as the Deputy Sales Director in one of the major telecommunications systems integrator.  His responsibilities include market development, sales management, IP applications and solution innovations. 


Being an active member within the Contact Center Association of Singapore (CCAS) since 2005, Kenneth championed the organization and management of the first and inaugural Contact Center Symposium in 2005, which saw over 150 attendees from Singapore and the region.  The success of the event led to a yearly presentation of the Contact Center Symposium and Awards, which is well regarded in the industry, highly anticipated and supported by the members.

As an Executive Committee Member of CCAS for 6 years, Kenneth continued to support the contact center industry and subsequent Contact Center Symposium and events.  Kenneth is also the Vice Chairman of CCAS from 2010 to 2012 and currently the Chairman of CCAS since March 2012.



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