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Business Analytics, predicting success and failure

Simon Thomas

IBM Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) Global Service Line Delivery Leader



"Business Analytics, predicting success and failure" 


We have more data available to us today than ever before in human history and it is growing at an unprecedented rate.  We also have the technology to access, process, and make sense of this data, as never before.  The way in which organizations use data, and harness the potential that it holds, will determine success and failure.  Successful organizations will squeeze every ounce of insight and value from every byte of data that they can analyze.  These companies will be made up of employees who understand the data that is important to their specific functions, as well as the organization as a whole, and more importantly, understand how to use this data to help them improve the way they perform and the value that they create.  These successful organizations will drive analytics into every aspect of their business and get to a point where no one will be talking about analytics anymore because everyone will be using it naturally and seamlessly.  These successful organizations will develop a hunger for data that will be readily fed by a world that creates more and more of it every second.


Failure will be the plight of organizations that ignore the potential of data and miss the opportunity to use analytics in their business and operations.  Unfortunately for these organizations, the very same proliferation of data that they are ignoring will magnify their weakness and hasten the decline.

For IT professionals and those interested in entering this exciting business, the elevator is on the ground floor, there is no better time.  Liken this to the early to mid 90s when IT professionals who picked up key eBusiness and Web Commerce skills were able to reap significant benefits in the Internet boom that followed.  Business Analytics is growing at an accelerating pace, the ramp-up for entry will only get steeper and steeper every day, the time to act is now.


Going forward, the question is not "are you" using or applying Analytics, it is "how and how much" and success and failure will depend on your answer.  Where do you stand?



About Mr Simon Thomas


Simon Thomas work with IBM clients worldwide across Industries to help them leverage data to uncover business insights that can help them create new products, enhance existing products, increase customer satisfaction, identify and reduce risk, and improve business performance.  Simon brings together IBM's Industry Leading Analytics Software, unparalleled IBM Research (including the largest Mathematics organization outside of academia) and 8000+ IBM Business Analytics Consultants worldwide to solve our clients most complex business problems.


Simon has helped IBM's clients develop sound Smarter Analytics Strategy, implement strong Enterprise Information Management Foundation beginning with effective and efficient Data Integration Solutions which drive Datamarts and Data Warehouses that hold clean and trustable data that can feed Reports, Dashboards and ultimately Smarter Analytics Models that can help clients predict future business trends and scenarios and prescribe the right actions to achieve the desired business results.

Simon has been with IBM for 20+ years focusing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytics.  Simon holds a Masters of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Music.  Simon is originally from Malaysia and currently has his home base in the United States.  He has worked on assignment in Asia for the past 6 years and is currently working in IBM's Services Integration Hub based in Singapore where he is responsible for the delivery of Smarter Analytics solutions to IBM's clients worldwide.


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