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Choi Myung Jo

Choi Myung-Jo

Head of
e-commerce, Asia Pacific, Facebook


We all know we can connect with friends, family and colleagues, using Facebook. But did you know Facebook is also a platform that businesses and brands use to reach their customers? In this issue, The IT Society chats with Choi Myung-Jo, Facebook's Asia Pacific Head of e-commerce, to gain insights on Facebook, e-commerce trends, and his passion for work and life.

Choi Myung-Jo

It is important to be adaptable. Some people prefer to follow than lead. To do well in this industry, one should be open to explore different possibilities and not just settle for being a follower. 




Q: Could you share a little about what you do at Facebook?


MJ: I lead Facebook's e-commerce business across Asia Pacific. I work closely with teams in each market to build strategy, and initiate projects with our e-commerce partners to help them reach their audiences and achieve their ultimate business goals.


    Q: In your opinion, what makes Facebook unique?

MJ: There are a few things which are ingrained into our general culture, guiding our behaviours and driving our every action here at Facebook. And I would like to think they make us unique. For one, we put people first at Facebook. We place a great deal of focus on creating great experiences for people, offering them new ways to connect and share. Building valuable experiences for people who use our products and services everyday is at the core of everything we do.

Consistent with our mission is our open and transparent culture. Our leadership team encourages us to ask them and each other hard questions. In this aspect, our CEO, Mark Zuckerberg leads by example by hosting a Q&A with employees each week. Another interesting phenomenon is that our work environment is highly collaborative and autonomous all at once. On one hand, we work closely within teams and across functions to deliver solutions.
On the other, regardless whether we are in the leadership team or not, each of us is deemed as a leader and represents Facebook in taking the lead to grow partnerships with clients.



Q: What should we know about e-commerce today?


MJ: Mobile is changing the e-commerce landscape. People spend more than three hours each day on their mobile device globally; and mobile accounts for more than 30% of e-commerce and actual purchase today. Mobile has gone beyond the days of being a pre-purchase research and discovery tool to becoming a platform where actual transactions take place.

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is a trend that will only get bigger. Already many of our e-commerce customers in the region share that almost 50% of their e-commerce transactions came from mobile.


Jessica Tan

Jessica Tan

IT Leader
Managing Director for
Microsoft Singapore


Jessica Tan is both passionate and committed to the industry and its people. She has deep faith that the future of Singapore will be a "future of us" and, as the Managing Director of Microsoft Singapore, she rallies for inclusive growth within Microsoft and in the broader ecosystem.

Jessica Tan

Jessica believes in leveraging technology to narrow the opportunity divide within the community. 


Underlying the areas she champion is the belief that we need to be empowered with the right skills to actively participate in the opportunities presented to us. To ensure that our youth are equipped with the right skill sets for the future, she initiated the Code for Change programme, a tie-up between IDA and Microsoft to bring computational thinking capabilities to our youth.

As Chairman of the IT Advisory Committee at Nanyang Polytechnic, an appointment she has held since July 2013, Jessica has enabled numerous industry collaborations such as the Cyber Security and Solutions Centre (2015) and the Ambient Intelligence Computing Centre (2015). Under her leadership, the IT Advisory Committee guided the School of Information Technology (SIT) to chart new directions and ensure that course offerings better prepare students for the industry.



Jessica has also called for Microsoft's greater support of the local startup community which is another integral part of the local IT ecosystem. In addition to the Microsoft BizSpark programme that has benefitted close to 1,300 startups in Singapore, her leadership has resulted in Microsoft supporting the startup ecosystem more intimately by being a part of the LaunchPad@one-north, which hosts 500 startups and 35 incubators. She also challenged her team to better mentor startups through the BizSpark Residency Programme, where Microsoft offers 1,200 square feet of complimentary co-working space at the revamped Microsoft Innovation Centre to promising local startups.  



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Uber for X - A Sure-fire Way to Business Success?

‘Uber for X' companies are the latest talk of the town. Are their high valuations justifiable compared to Uber and its clones in Asia? How scalable is their business model? And, last but not least, what is their survival rate?

While there are no simple answers to these questions, the signs are deifinitely there for anyone who cares to look closely.



To decide whether an ‘Uber for X' company can survive, examine if the service is a recurring need or a one-off want. This will hint at their capability to generate recurring transactions. For example, all of us need to eat, and hence, the on-demand food delivery service becomes essential during certain times of the day. Comparatively, dry cleaning of suits in laundry is not really a high recurring need.




The ability to control cost per transaction based on demand is pivotal to profits maximisation. And high volume and high demand allude to ‘Uber for X' companies' potential to scale. It is therefore a misconception that a niche service with a high customer lifetime value can be successful. Truth is, without the volume, the companies lose the ability to scale.



Typically, ‘Uber for X' companies conflate the consumer to consumer market with the business to business market. And they, including Uber, are unable to scale to the enterprise market. Reason being, to meet required enterprise level service levels neccessitate these companies to own their own supply – totally decimating their asset light advantage against traditional companies.



 Uber for X
 Sure fire
Why "Cloud" and "Crowd" are More than Buzzwords

Why Cloud and Crowd are More than Buzzwords

Cloud and crowd. Are they simply buzzwords? They surely are when they are casually thrown into conversations, but a deeper thought brings about the realisation that these two – a technological advancement and a new mindset – are proving to set the infrastructure for business and social development in this decade.


Far from the days of traditional handwritten notes, cloud and crowd have given birth to a new generation of tools that enhance productivity. Evernote had its humble beginning as a mobile note taker, and now it supports note syncing which permits users to save their work in the cloud and collaborate remotely with colleagues – bringing efficiency and productivity.

Categorised as SaaS (software-as-a-service) in the cloud stack, Google's Apps for Work – a service primarily targeting corporate and business users – provides storage, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations, aside from email hosting service. Teleworkers (the crowd) are maximising these tools to enjoy enhanced productivity and operational cost savings from expensive on-premise software licenses.



If you're not in it, cloud and crowd will disrupt you unexpectedly, one way or another, at some point. That's why Google, despite constantly morphing its flagship services, is active on other fronts too. For one, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Google have forged an alliance that marries PwC's corporate reach with Google's cloud expertise. One of their first ventures involves an $11 billion tender bid to tackle one of the U.S. government's thorniest problems: coordinate the sharing of military health records for 9.6 million active and retired personnel worldwide.


 Cloud and Crowd


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Augmented Reality Head Mount Devices Aiming for the Win

Augmented Reality Head Mount Devices Aiming for the Win

Augmented reality (AR) is no newcomer in the technology playing field. However, for AR to fulfil its truest potential, it must leverage on devices that can support and display AR.

Bets on AR to Win Big with Businesses

Augmented reality (AR) is no newcomer in the technology playing field. However, for AR to fulfil its truest potential, it must leverage on devices that can support and display AR.


Through the enhancement of camera features and various sensors, these devices provide the ability to display computer-generated images or information that is overlaid on top of your real world. This is in contrast to virtual reality (VR) technology that provides an entirely and completely immersive artificially created environment. AR offers a unique dimension to visual communications via a part-real part-virtual experience.

The evolution of hardware has been pivotal to the exponential growth of the AR trend. However, the maturity of software engineering capabilities has also played its part in boosting the growth of AR. Users and businesses have fuelled this trend through deploying AR creatively and across a wide array of applications to improve the way we work and deliver content. Conversely, we also see the reverse, that demand has also driven technological advancement.


AR and its devices with possible software applications, are set to revolutionize the way businesses operate by ultimately looking to reduce expenses, minimize down time, and operate with precision.

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Infocomm Media 2025: What's in it for You and I?

Two years in the making, the recently unveiled Infocomm Media 2025 report on August 11 points the way to realising Singapore's goal as the world's first Smart Nation. Not surprisingly, you and I are integral to the achievement of this master plan.

More than a holistic blueprint for Singapore's infocomm media sectors for the decade ahead, Infocomm Media 2025 offers a compass to navigate the ever-changing environment and leverage potential of upcoming technology and business trends.

In a world where technologies evolve, business models change and disruptions by the unexpected constantly take place, the Plan sets out to not only create a globally competitive infocomm media ecosystem that enables and complements Singapore's Smart Nation vision, but also provide a "living" reference on broad directions and strategic focus areas. These include the need to:

• capitalise on data, advanced communications and computational technologies to create a quantum leap in Singapore's competitiveness,

nurture an ecosystem that encourages risk-taking to create Singapore-made content, products and services, and

connect Singapore's people through infocomm media to enhance quality of life and foster a stronger Singapore identity.

Data and analytics will play a big part in many areas, underpinning Singapore's efforts in becoming a Smart Nation. For example, intelligence on traffic patterns paves the way for more efficient urban logistics and smoother city commutes; data insights gained from location-based services and mobile apps enable retailers to better connect with customers, increasing the probability of sale closure.

Similarly, media services companies can turn to audience measurement tools, which take into account minute details of customer behaviour, to predict customers' consumption habits and offer relevant products and/or services at opportune moments. Case in point: a game service analyses players' on-screen actions to predict when they would most likely purchase an in-game item or watch an in-game advertisement.

Usually, talk of data and analytics involves sensors. Whether they are virtual sensors that measure online actions or physical ones that detect air quality, they require robust infrastructure to deliver raw data. To which end, Singapore is currently bolstering the island-wide fibre optic network with HetNet – heterogeneous network technology – to ensure pervasive and strong connectivity, as well as more efficient use of limited radio frequency spectrum so that more end users can be hooked up on the go.




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IT Youth Awards 2016

SCS IT Youth Awards

Out of the 6 finalist below, who do you think deserves to be IT Youth 2016?

The IT Youth Award is a highly acclaimed award that recognises and honours youths 25 years and below for their shown outstanding achievements in innovations, research undertakings and projects in the infocomm and digital media arena.


Out of the 6 finalists below, who will be the next IT Youth Winner?


  • Jason Chee
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Goh Jin Qiang
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Girish Kumar
  • NUS High School of Math & Science
  • Raniel Lee
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Lee Xiang Rui
  • Singapore Management University
  • Lynnette Ng
  • National University of Singapore
  • Winner(s) will be announced at the SCS Gala Dinner and IT Leader Awards 2016 on 4 March 2016 at Shangri-La Hotel.

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Featured Projects: Splash Awards 2015 Champion

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Over 900 infocomm and digital media professionals from both public and private sectors
attended the recent SCS Gala Dinner and IT Leader Awards 2016 held at the Shangri-La Hotel on 4 March. The ceremony was graced by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information.

An annual event, the SCS Gala Dinner this year was especially significant as it marked the 20th IT Leader Awards
where the achievements of distinguished individuals in the Singapore's infocomm and digital media industry were acknowledged and honoured.


The successful evening was reflective of the achievements of SCS and the award winners. It also hinted at the shape of things to come as SCS advances ahead towards SCS 50 in 2017.



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