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Ever wonder how the leaders of the Infocomm industry got where they are today? Watch this space and hear from the luminaries themselves what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what continues to drive them to excel.

Ong Jia Ming

Ong Jia Ming

Software Engineering Associate,


A choice between career and study may not always result in a trade-off for one or the other – especially so if one opts for the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn programme. 

Ong Jia Ming

I will encourage people to join the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn programme because it provides a rare opportunity to discover their passion for technology! The experience is invaluable.




Q: Did you always know that you would pursue a career in the infocomm industry?


JM: Yes. Incredible as it sounds, during my Secondary School days, I would try to picture what I would be when I grow up. While there were many career options such as engineering, design, nursing, etc, I was most drawn to a career in IT because I was passionate about the topic. 



Q:  How did the love for technology begin?


JM: It traces back to my teenage days when I dabbled in blogging. I got my first taste of coding through building my own profile page. It fascinates me to see how simple changes in command lines could change user interface in specific ways. Naturally, when it came time to choose a course in Polytechnic, I went with a course that has an IT focus.


Q: How far has technology come for you since those days?


JM: Today, technology has become integral to many aspects of our lives – from everyday household chores to the deployment of specialised drones for missions. These are the exciting times and I am definitely looking forward to see what other changes technology can bring.


Ng Cher Pong

Ng Cher Pong

Chief Executive, Singapore Workforce Development Agency


SkillsFuture is a popular topic in the recent times – both with the media and the working professionals. It promises to be a game-changer for the tech industry facing a manpower shortage. 

Ng Cher Pong

Today, the definition of success goes beyond academic qualifications. We must accept that one can do well with skills too. Deep skills are the next big thing.




Q: What is SkillsFuture?


CP: There are four aspects integral to SkillsFuture. Each of these aspects has broad based implications for individuals and enterprises, and requires their engagement. Where individuals are concerned, they need to relook at their definition of "success"; be willing to invest their time and energy into building deep skills; and be passionate about what they do.


Q: How does SkillsFuture support this movement?


CP: SkillsFuture is an ambitious national movement which aims to reach out and change mindsets and behaviours that have been around for a long time. SkillsFuture is relevant to not just everyone, but also every industry.


Q: How has the response been for SkillsFuture?


CP: If we think about the four aspects that I have outlined earlier, we know that each of them necessitates a fundamental shift in mindsets and a cohesive displacement of current practices. It means to say that we don't just need individuals, parents and society to change; we also need industries and training providers to evolve – to focus on skills for the future.


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Reimagining HR in the Digital Economy

Vroooom, Uber! Reimagining HR in the Digital Economy

The world's largest taxi company is the perfect vehicle to represent a revolutionary business model that has taken the world by storm: the on-demand economy model. This model has broken conventions and radicalised the employment landscape. The digital economy requires human resources (HR) to be reimagined.

The revolution of technology is reshaping our economy. Writing systems have enabled the externalisation of memory, the invention of transport has reduced travel time and physical distance, communication networks have made real time contact possible regardless of where we are - ushering in the virtual communication era, and now, immense computing power is paving the way for artificial intelligence. Underpinning the constant technology revolution is an accelerated pace of change in the past decade. Resultantly, to stay agile, businesses have to react - fast and with impact.



The on-demand economy prides itself on being able to deliver services to consumers in the most convenient way, through digital platforms. Want someone to do grocery shopping for you? There's RedMart. Stomach growling in the wee hours? There's Foodpanda. How about a taxi, anytime, anywhere? There's the famous Uber, which operates in a staggering 459 cities worldwide. The on-demand economy seems omnipresent these days, growing across 16 industries. Statistics have suggested an almost 10-fold increase in venture capital for on-demand mobile services since 2010. A 2015 study found US consumers spending US$57.6 billion yearly in the on-demand economy.



 Reimagining HR
 Digital Economy
Should ICT be Professionalized

Should ICT be Professionalised?

It is a fact that ICT professionals today apply their specialised skills and knowledge to touch every industry and every aspect of our lives. Question is, since every industry relies on ICT for their business, and the successful investment and deployment of ICT is the basis of business success, shouldn't ICT professionals possess moral ethics, professional competence and up-to-date knowledge to provide that right advice for whomever they serve?

ICT has enabled and disrupted many industries – one can just look around to see how ICT has created new business norms. Goods are bought online from retailers without a shopfront, taxi companies operate without taxis, medical conditions can be monitored without nurses, radiology images can be read by machines, rooms can be rented outside of hotels, and soon, perhaps, banking will be done without banks.



At the core of these developments are the IT systems that provide data, and transactions that empower the integrity and scalability of these virtual businesses. Additionally, the Smart Nation vision has provided an environment and infrastructure that allows the pervasive use of ICT to transform the way we live, work and play.


 ICT Professional
ICT for the Business


Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series

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Mr Chan Chun Sing: What Does The Future Hold For You And I?

What Does the Future Hold for You and I?

Technology is improving, evolving and advancing to heights none of us could have ever imagined.

At the SCS TECH3 Forum, tech professionals from all walks of life and discipline came together with the Guest of Honour, Mr Chan Chun Sing, Secretary-General of NTUC and Minister in Prime Minister's Office, at the Four Seasons Hotel to discuss – The Need for Business Agility in the On-Demand Economy.


Along with representatives from other FinTech giants – Markus Gnirck, Partner & Co-founder, tryb, Dhanasekhar Damodaran, Head Core Infrastructure Services, Asia Pacific, Managing Director, Citibank, and Roy Teo, Director & Head, Technology & Innovation Lab, FinTech & Innovation Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Pranav Seth, Head, E-Business and Business Transformation, OCBC, discussed how tech talents could join the FinTech revolution in Asia. Additionally, Pranav urged the FinTech industry to not only focus on moving and innovating fast, but also take time to understand consumers. Subsequently, the panel discussion led by Professor David Lee, Fintech Professor, SIM University, indicated the importance of constantly striving to improve skills while keeping minds open to change and risks – in order to stay competitive in the FinTech revolution.


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Latest SCS Infocomm Media Industry Survey reveals that one in every two ICT professionals in Singapore sees learning new skills as essential to their competitiveness. Other pertinent insights were also gleaned from the same survey.



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Lanes Assassins were Killing it at SCS Bowling Tournament 2016

Lanes Assassins were Killing it at SCS Bowling Tournament 2016


On 14 May 2016, over 100 SCS members and friends gathered at SAFRA Mount Faber for the annual SCS Bowling Tournament. The much-anticipated event saw the SCS members and their friends organised into teams of four to compete in three games each.

Competition aside, the participants had an enjoyable time. Frequent peals of laughter rose above the sounds of colliding balls and pins. The atmosphere was highly charged on the fun and friendship meter.

Eventually, many rounds later, Lanes Assassins emerged champion with a total team score of 2,460. Also claiming three of the four individual titles, the team's Bernard Pong walked away with the High Game (Men) and High Series (Men).

The annual event ended on a successful note, thanks to co-sponsorship from TreeBox Solutions Pte Ltd and support from the players.



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