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Ever wonder how the leaders of the Infocomm industry got where they are today? Watch this space and hear from the luminaries themselves what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what inspired them to join the Infocomm industry and what continues to drive them to excel.

Jacqueline Poh

Jacqueline Poh

Chief Executive, Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

From the creation of an autonomous wheelchair prototype to the investigation of the Circle Line breakdown, GovTech looks set to transform the digital landscape in Singapore.

In this issue, The IT Society checks in with Jacqueline Poh, Chief Executive, GovTech, on her game plan for the agency as well as her take on the evolution of the local tech scene.




What is GovTech?

GovTech impacts every person in different ways and to different extent. Through collaborating with partner agencies and actively seeking out and understanding the needs of Singaporeans, we are engaged in delivering whole-of-government...



What does GovTech really do?

Well, we do a wide variety of things here. At any one time, we deal with topics ranging from manpower and education to healthcare, transport and environment...


How is GovTech different from the IDA we knew?

When we started GovTech, we decided to build part of the government’s engineering capabilities here. We want to create platforms that enable us to reuse code...


Anna Vanessa Haotanto

Anna Vanessa Haotanto

Chief Executive Officer, The New Savvy


There is no denial that the tech industry is male-dominated. However, there are signs that an increasing number of women are making their presence felt in this space.

Anna Vanessa Haotanto divulges to The IT Society her motivation for entering and staying in the tech landscape.




Did you see yourself working in the tech industry?

Not at all! I am trained in Finance and am very passionate about it. Naturally, I joined the Finance industry after graduation...


So what prompted you to use web as the platform to launch The New Savvy portal?

Personal preferences aside, the web presented a ready platform to reach out to our target audience – women – in a quick and low cost manner...


Did you face any challenge when you started off?

I struggled a lot in the beginning. I was clueless about web development, much less about content production, digital marketing and publishing.


 Manik Bhandari

As an industry, logistics traces its beginnings to mainly military applications before 1950s. It was simple and direct then.

It predominantly refers to the physical movement of materials and goods from one point to the other. Since then, in tandem with the advancement of technology, changes in lifestyles and consumption behaviours have brought about significant transformation in the industry.



1950s to 1970s: Rapid Economic Growth

General Outlook

In the post war era, many economies such as the U.S. and Japan experienced rapid growth. There was great demand for raw materials and produced goods.


Logistics Landscape

Besides being highly fragmented with many small players, coordination between the purchasing, production and marketing departments was usually poor. As a result, logistics costs were high for businesses. On an individual firm level, the cost could amount to 32% of sales1. The common transportation modes used were shipping by sea and rail, as the cost for shipping by air was prohibitively high and roads network in many places were not well developed.



 Logistics Landscape
 Uberisation of Logistics

In the foreseeable future, preventive care will be taken to the next level when regulations for DNA genetic testing and analysing are relaxed, and services such as 23andMe

Over the past few decades, the world has seen significant strides in medical research and disease treatment. As a result, people generally have longer life expectancy today.




Technology is one of the driving forces behind improvements in healthcare and, when you look at the rate of change in the recent times, it is hard not to agree with that observation. For example, if a pharmacist wants to research about a particular drug 30 years ago, he would likely have to make references to more than one medical book and spend several hours in the library.


Today, with the Internet, the same pharmacist only needs a fraction of the time. The information researched would have been comparable in terms of accuracy and possibly more up to date – since it is not limited by the printing date of the publication. The variety would also have been richer. Besides medical journals and research papers from acclaimed research institutes, the pharmacist could establish interaction with respective researchers through social media, empowering exchange of medical research findings to drive advancement in research outcomes.




Notably, this same information is now also available to basically – everyone. In the past, doctors are the only point of reference for any diagnosis. Now, with readily available information and an increasingly educated population, it has become common for patients to research about their possible health problem before visiting a doctor. Outcomes of doctor consultations have become merely a form of validation for their research prowess.


 Future Healthcare
 Preventive Care



Technology Revolution, Empowerment 'N' Development Series

Engage your contemporaries on the newest developments! Listen to industry stalwarts and leading technical experts and get first-hand insights and knowledge of the next trending scene in the ever-dynamic Infocomm industry.

How Technology Changes the Way We Tell Stories

With technology on the verge of making another great leap forward, will the way we tell stories be changed forever? 

We perceive the world around us through stories. Stories shape moments into days, days into years, and eventually they merge into lifetimes; just like letters become words, words become sentences, and then nally a book. Stories give meaning to the mechanical routine of the mundane. With technology on the verge of making another great leap forward, will the way we tell stories be changed forever? 


Over the course of history, storytelling has been closely linked with technology. In many ways, technology de nes how we express ourselves to make our narratives more vivid. We scribbled our rst chapters on cave walls before swapping crude pieces of coal for ink and paint. Literature and art enabled people to express their deepest thoughts, ideas and feelings. Analogue and digital imaging made storytelling visually realistic for the rst time. These subsequently evolved to bring us photography, cinema and – combined with revolutions in telecommunications – the modern Internet. If the present technological trends are any indication, these three developments are set to de ne the future of storytelling. 



  Past Events

What is EA I Just Learnt Data Science Online


Survey & Resources

A Plethora of Resources

Access insightful surveys and analytical reports to better understand the local ICT landscape.

SCS Industry Certifications ‘Made in Singapore'

Looking to acquire knowledge in a particular IT domain? Or keen to sharpen your skills in a specific area? Today, you are spoilt for choice in the number of programmes available. Question is, how do you decide when confronted with so many alternatives?

In late 1990s, Singapore experienced rapid growth in IT project management – many multinational corporations used Singapore as the base to grow their businesses; concurrently large local enterprises and government agencies embarked on numerous IT projects. The resultant shortage of qualified IT project managers led both private and public organisations to employ experienced and qualified IT project managers from overseas to meet their needs.



In a period where employers were unsure about the basics or guidelines to judge the quality of one IT project manager versus another and IT professionals were finding it hard to justify their competency, SCS introduced the Certification in IT Project Management (CITPM) programme.



Beyond being instrumental in bringing up the overall quality of local IT professionals, these certification programmes also empower your long- term professional development.



Although SCS certification programmes have been successful so far, SCS constantly reviews the certification programmes' Body of Knowledge.




SCS New Media Survey 2016


Industry Surveys

Industry News

Are we learning enough new skill Infocomm Media 20125


Talent Showcase

Driving the brightest ideas in town

Looking for a marketplace spotlighting the best student IT projects and potential networks to link up with investors? Here could be the next virtual Silicon Valley transforming breakthrough ideas into useful products or services.

Time to get your innovation engine started!

Splash Awards 2016 Champions Show Flair in Advancing Cyber Wellness

As more and more Singaporeans look to social media platforms to connect and stay in communication, cyber etiquette becomes increasingly essential for the maintenance of a civil and prosperous cyber space. SCS showed support for the cause with the SCS Splash Awards 2016.

Jointly organised by the SCS Student Chapter and Interactive Digital Media Chapter, the 13th edition of the SCS Splash Awards took on the theme, "Cyber Wellness", and saw participation from close to 300 secondary school and tertiary institution students.


The students learnt the importance of fostering a healthy cyber community through coming out with original ideas which contribute towards the creation of a more responsible cyber community for Singapore. Notably, "SocialShield" from Dunman High impressed the judging panel with their submission and won the top spot for the Pre-tertiary Category while "Keyboard Warriors" from Singapore Institute of Technology bagged the award for the Tertiary Category. Dr Janil Puthucheary, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Education graced the award ceremony.


"SocialShield" from Dunman High was shortlisted for the National Infocomm Competition Face-Off (App Development). In addition, the students also represented Singapore for the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) in Taipei.




SCS Student Chapters

NYP win at SCS 2015
Singapore Institute of Technology Splash Award 2016

Featured Projects: Splash Awards 2016 Champion

Tertiary: Keyboard Warriors
Pre-tertiary: Social Shield


IT Professionals at Work and Play

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Celebrating 50 Years of Collective Growth


Over 1,200 infocomm and digital media professionals from both public and private sectors joined in the celebration of SCS 50th anniversary at the SCS Gala Dinner and IT Leader Awards 2017 held at Resorts World Sentosa on 10 March. 


Graced by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the event was symbolic in commemorating SCS’ journey over the last ve decades where it made signi cant contributions to the fostering of a vibrant and globally competitive infocomm industry in Singapore. As part of the occasion, the attendees paid tribute to the past presidents whose visions and leaderships had built a strong foundation for SCS. 


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SCS Gala Dinner 2016


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